Why Buy a Used Vehicle


Consider the Advantages

Buying a used vehicle can save you money because a new vehicle experiences its greatest loss in value within the first 12 to 18 months. Rather than watching value decrease significantly in just the first year, consider buying a used car or truck. A used rental car can have a lower purchase price with lower monthly payments, and the factory warranties are usually still available. Buying a used vehicle allows you to upgrade to the newer make and model you want and add more optional features.























Used Vehicles Depreciate Less

Why Throw Money Away on New Car Depreciation?


Thinking about buying a new vehicle? Think again. According to the experts at Kelley Blue Book®, in three years a new vehicle could depreciate by as much as 73 percent of its value. At best it will retain a mere 62 percent of its value after three years. That’s one major advantage to buying a used vehicle.


Car depreciation is the dark cloud hanging over new purchases. While most vehicles depreciate by 15 to 20 percent of their value each year, the first year tends to hurt the most. In fact, the two-minute drive off the lot can cost some owners up to 15 percent of their new vehicle’s value.

If you’re a car buyer unwilling to throw away money on vehicle depreciation for that new car smell, consider buying a high-quality, late-model used car. In addition to a lower purchase price, lower registration and license fees, you’ll also enjoy lower depreciation, as the previous owner has already absorbed the steepest portion of the used vehicle’s depreciation cost. 


Used Rental Car Value

Consider the Benefits of Buying a Used Rental Car


Millions of used rental vehicles (and leased vehicles) are sold annually in the United States. Many were passed directly to auctions and on to used car dealerships. However, tens of thousands were selected by the rental and lease companies for their own car resale businesses. These used vehicles represent the "cream of the crop" and are often considered some of the best used cars on the market. These used vehicles, while driven by multiple motorists, receive much more care than the average consumer-owned used car and offer the following benefits: 


  • Great selection: The typical used car for sale at Enterprise Car Sales is one to two years old. This creates a selection of vehicles that are contemporary, stylish, and sought after.

  • One owner: If offered a used vehicle owned by an auto expert committed to vehicle maintenance and care, the average used car buyer might be tempted to sign sight unseen. Enterprise Car Sales offers this opportunity. Used cars are our business, and our livelihood depends on keeping them expertly maintained.

  • Low mileage: Used rental vehicles or used leased vehicles often have less than 40,000 miles when they are put up for sale.

  • Reasonable prices: All used vehicles sold by Enterprise Car Sales are offered at low prices, and with a no-haggle policy, buyers get a great used car price without the pressure of bargaining.


Used rental cars provide a tremendous value. Make a smart move and consider buying one the next time you’re in the market for a used vehicle.Credit- http://www.enterprisecarsales.com

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